7 WAYS to make sure your CHRISTIAN VOTE counts

#1 Know & Prioritize Issues

These links help those who are serious about applying their faith in practical ways to social and political issues. These links help us to think with the Mind of Christ by helping us sort through the various issues that allow us to separate the “camel” issues from those that are more like “gnats” (Matt. 23:34).

  1. On the Issues (ontheissues.org)


This is one of the best sites that explains, organizes and categorizes over 80 social and political issues. It is full of great information, facts and insights with additional links to almost every candidate: Federal, State, and Local

  1. Party Platform Comparison 2020 (FRC Action)


This is a great comparison on the issues from the DNC and RNC platforms. It is clear and concise. It helps thinking Christians to sort through essential issues

#2 Know your candidates – Federal, State, Local

These links help those who are serious about applying their faith to identify the national, state and local candidates who are running. It also includes important links to party affiliation with additional links to party platform positions. It is important to remember that even “nice” people follow positions of their party on the vast majority of issues.

Ballot Ready.org


This is one of the best sites with information on over 95,000 people running for various positions on the Federal, State and local level. Plug in your zip code and find our what candidates are running from various parties. It also allows for you to see voting records. You can request a ballot or take the pledge to vote.  The site below is for Tennessee, but you can plug in your zip code and it will give you all the candidates in your area. If you click on a candidate, it will give you background information. There are over 100 candidates listed for Tennessee. If you are not sure of your county click on the candidate and it will describe the county and area

#3 Voting guides – Know where the candidates stand on issues

These links help us know how candidates voted on key issues that are biblically important. There are break downs on some links for every issue, and there are other links that give an overall rating based on Christian Biblical Values. These links and ratings are done by groups that have a clear Biblical Worldview.

Voter Report Card


The pro-family organizations listed below provide voters resources for most states. Click on the organizations’ links to get more information. You can click on individual states and look at specific candidates and how they voted on key family, life, and biblical issues

#4 Biblical application of Faith Principles

These links include several essays which critique critical biblical, constitutional, and conservative analyses to prioritize the values and issues that align most closely to the priorities and worldview of the bible.

Family Policy Alliance – 8 Key Issues


This is a great source that you can click on in the upper right-hand corner under ISSUES and it give an in-depth analysis of issues like life issues such as abortion, assisted suicide, family issues like parental rights and education, sexuality issues like sexual orientation and transgender and religious freedom issues like healthcare and business. It offers real life examples of how biblical perspectives and values are being persecuted and how we can help make a difference in standing for truth.

#5 Resources – Get Involved – Pray, vote, volunteer

These links provide good sources to get involved in terms of prayer, voting, and volunteering in your area

Wall Builders Resources


This site provides a number of excellent resources including videos on why we should vote as well as additional links on how to get involved

#6     30 Good things the President has done- Wayne Grudem

These links provide good sources to be aware of what has been accomplished in the last 4 years. Our media according to National Polling Studies found that over 92% of the stories posted in main line media are openly negative and critical. The vast majority of media is not fair minded or balanced. This link provides one of the best essays from one of the most respected, godly theologians of our day to give good answers on what our president has accomplished.

30 Good things the President has done (Wayne Grudem)


#7   Can I have a fair, tolerant, open-minded conversation?

These links provide good discussion essays on important points in scripture and give us good challenging discussions. These links provide clear differences in vision and policies used in Blue States (NY, IL, CA) compared to Red States (TX, TN, FL) Which do you want to live in?

Do you want to live in a Red State or a Blue State?


This is an awesome video that shows why people are leaving in droves from big Democrat areas like California, New York and Illinois. These Democrat ruled areas have more crime, higher death rates from CoVid19, more debt and more taxes. These areas are great examples of liberal & progressive Democrat policies which we will be voting on in Election 2020.

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